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Book Description - Lab Tales

Chuck, a four-year-old black Labrador Retriever, is left at a shelter in Kentucky by his humans. Like many dogs left at the shelter, Chuck is scared, but he is hopeful that his humans will come back for him. During his time at the shelter he realizes that the only way he will leave is if a new family adopts him. Where does Chuck’s journey end? Does he stay at the shelter, or does he find a family and become a cherished fur-baby?

A portion of the proceeds from book sales and other Lab Tales products will be donated to help animal shelters and dog rescue organizations do what they do best. Click here to shop our product and help animals in need…

Help A Rescue

For every product we sell, a monetary donation is made to a no-kill rescue or shelter in the U.S. On average, we donate 50% of our profits to help animals in need.


Chuck’s Journey Home helps children understand the plight of shelter dogs and their rescue journey. The hope is, when they become adults and consider having pets of their own, they will ADOPT rather than SHOP.

Making a Difference

Number of Rescues Helped - 10
Total Amount Donated - $1034

Chuck in the News

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